Naachiyar Thirumozhi Part 50

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“Oh Cuckoo! It appears that you are very preoccupied with the humming bees that are buzzing about after drinking the sweet nectar of the fragrant flowers in the garden.  I am not going to allow you to be distracted by this silly act of yours.  Pay close attention to what I say!  I am caught in the web and entrapped in my  love for the parrot-hued Sridharan the Lord of Shree” (also known as Mahalakshmi.)

Here Kodhai Naachiar indicates pASam, which can mean both love and net, meaning that she is entrapped (agappaTTu) in His love or she is lovesick with Sridharan. She is forlorn with love that she calls it a sickness debilitating her and disabling her from even walking.  “I am stuck and trapped in Manivannan Vaasudevan’s enchanting beauty.” Says Andaal to the bird.

The cuckoo, with great levity,  answers back without concern for her condition and her suffering saying ” what is that I can do if you are forlon with love for the Lord?!  Did you call me to say this?!”  Saying this it once again diverted its attention to the buzzing bees.

Seeing the cuckoo’s indifference Kodhai Nachiar gets angry and warns the bird saying “if you want to reside in this garden, with me taking care of you, you better not ignore my requests.  If I cease to exist who will take care of you?!  If you desire to live a happy life in this garden, you need to do one of two things.  Either call out to the Lord who holds the “Discus” in His right hand and the “Conch” in His left to come here, or bring me back my golden bangles.”

Andaal lost her golden bangles, because she became too emaciated due to the separation of her Lord.  If the bangles have to fit her hands, Emperumaan has to be with her, which once again means that the Lord has to come to her.  It is like saying either I want the sweet Mango or the delicious ripe Mango.  Andaal’s brilliant requests will lead to the same result ultimately.

Just like the faithful wife of Satyavan, the loving and loyal Savithri, who got her husband’s life back from Yama the God of death, by asking him to bless her with many children through Satyavan.  Yama gave her the boon that she so cleverly requested and hence had to give back her husband’s life.

Similarly asking for either the Lord of the Conch and the Discus or for the golden bangles to fit her, Kodhai Nachiar will accomplish her inner most desires, which is to unite with the Lord.

Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam _/\_

Om Namo Narayanaya!!!



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