Nachiaar Thirumozhi Part 49



The first two lines of this pasuram explain Bhagavan’s valor in the battlefield and his gentle love in his quaters with Thaayaar.  Just by lifting and stringing his bow “The Saarngam” His enemies would run helter skelter afraid to get His wrath. He is extremely skilled in weilding His bow and vanquishing His enemies.  At the same time he is so gentle, loving and caring when He is intimate with Shri Mahalakshmi.  “If that Lord decides to come to me, then no obstacles in His path can deter Him from doing so.  He will single handedly destroy all the obstacles, just to join and unite with me” says Andaal.

“We know each other so well, and share intimate secrets. I exactly know what He thinks and He knows my most intimate thoughts.  Nobody else can understand our bond and understanding, we are ideal for each other” says Kodhai Nachiaar.  When they meet and unite they both tell each other that they cannot exist without the other, such is their love and deep devotion to each other.  “Let all this not be just words oh cuckoo bird, let this love and devotion show through in action, for which I need your help!!  You need to do your duty by calling out to Him, reminding Him that I am eagerly awaiting His arrival” says Andaal to the cuckoo.

“Not understanding my misery, my yearning to unite with my Lord, you just seem to be interested in eating the sweet mangoes, taking care of your hunger and satisfying your palate.  Do you think that is the sole purpose of your life?!  Don’t you feel the need to unite me with my Lord, the Love of my life?!” Says Andaal to the cuckoo, for which the cuckoo immediately obliges and asks Kodhai Nachiaar what it can do to help her out.  Andaal instructs the cukoo to sing and call out to the Lord, to join and unite with Her, stating that it would be a great help if the bird did so and that she will be ever grateful to the bird for its timely help.

The cuckoo being an opportunist, asks Andaal how would it benefit out of this help that it would be doing to her.  Andaal replies ” you bring Him here and then you can watch what I do to Him.  He has made me wallow in anxiety, pain and misery by separating from me, I will teach Him a lesson as soon as He sees me here.  Isn’t that a big pay off to you?!  What else do you need in your life other than watching that scene?! Asks Andaal to the bird.

What would she do to Him?!  Is she going hit and kick Him?!  Is she going to abuse Him with cruel words?!  No.  That is not her intention.  When He comes to see her, she is going to turn away from Him and ignore Him completely.  It would be a fitting punishment.  It would be like preparing the most exquisite feast for a starving man and then not allow him to eat.  The Lord draws all His energy by looking at the lovely face of His consort and this she would deny Him for abandoning her.  Andaal instructs the cuckoo to call out to Bhagavan and watch what unfolds after He comes to her!!

Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam _/\_

Om Namo Narayanaya!!!


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