Nachiaar Thirumozhi Part – 48

 Pasuram 551

brammaimage image


Am Kuyile  –  Beautiful Cuckoo

Pongiya pARkadal –  the waves of the milky ocean

PaLLi koLvAnai –  the Lord who lies on the ocean

PuNarvadhu –  longing to embrace

en Kongai – my chest

kiLarndhu kumaittu –  heaves with excitement

Aviyai – my life

Maraindu uRaivu – hidden from plain sight

Azhiyum Sangum oN tha dum – with the discus, conch and mace in His hands


Ordinarily the ocean rises and swells on a full moon day!!  Maybe the milky ocean (Thirupaarkadal) has seen 10 moons, here the Lords toes and their beautiful nails are compared to the moons.  If the  moon which received Lord Narayana’s coolness has such an effect on the sea, then what would the milky ocean be like to see Sriman Narayana everyday permanently.  It experiences ultimate bliss.

Andaal longs to embrace the lord who sleeps in the Milky ocean. Her chest heaves and throbs with yearning and longing to unite with the lord.  Since Sriman Narayana does not come to embrace her, she laments about her bad luck stating that since she used to permanently reside in His chest, in her previous incarnation, she thinks that she is in this precarious situation and chides Him that His bad luck has affected the rest of His clan and especially her.

She asks the cuckoo bird  which seems to be in hiding from the garden, if it is hiding for the fear of getting her wrath.  She asks the bird if it would call out to her Lord who holds the conch, discus and the mace always ready with all these weapons to protect His devotees.

Kodhai Nachiar appeals to the goodness of the cuckoo bird stating that if it calls out to the lord, informing Him of her situation, her desire to unite with Him, then the cuckoo would accrue Punyam and would have done its  dhaarmic duty.

Andaal wonders if the cuckoo is in hiding because it is concerned about it’s health and beauty and has no sympathy for her condition and her longing.  She appeals to the cuckoo to help her out and earn her everlasting gratitude.

Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam. _/\_

Om Namo Narayanaya!!


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