Nachiaar Thirumozhi Part – 46 (In English)


Nachiaar Thirumozhi – 46 Pasuram – 549

Decad – 5 Song – 5

men-NaDai nanam parandhu viLaiyADum

villiputtUr uRaivAn tan

ponnaDi kANbadOr ASaiyinAl en

poru kayal KaN iNai tunjA

in-aDiSiloDu pAl amudu UTTi

eDutta en kOlak kiLiyai

unnoDu tOzhamai koLLuvan kuyilE!

ulagaLandAn varak kUvAi

men NaDai – a stroll

parandhu – widespread

poru – compatible

kayal – fish

kaN iNai – both eyes

tunjA – refuses to fall sleep

in aDisil – tasty hot cooked rice (aDu = hot, sil = rice)

pAl amudu – Payasam (rice cooked in milk)

Several centuries ago, Srivilliputhur, the city that was known as Varaha Sthala, had quite a few forests and woods. In one such forest lived the hunter brothers Villi and KaNdan.

One day, as usual the hunters went for their hunt. KaNdan was however, devoured by a tiger that he was trying to hunt. Unaware of this incident Villi was searching for his younger brother all over the forest. Having searched for his younger brother in all forests, Villi becomes exhausted and falls asleep under a tree in the forest. The Lord Varaha Murthy appears in Villi’s dream and explains to him that a tiger had killed his brother KaNdan.

Lord Varaha Explains that He has incarnated to kill Kaalanemi ( an Asura who is born as Kamsa in the next birth ). The Lord says He has incarnated as Vatapathra Sayee, to relieve His devotees from the vicious cycle of birth, death and re-birth.

Vatam means banyan tree…pathram means leaf… During the cataclysmic deluge The Lord appears on a banyan leaf to save His devotees and Andaal says that He is Lord Krishna, who resides in Srivilliputhur.

In Her previous incarnation of Bhoomi Thaayaar, The Lord saved Her from the nefarious Rakshasa, who had hid her under an ocean, similarly to save Her from the sea of sorrow, He has incarnated as Lord Krishna, the Vatapathra Sayee, thinks Kodhai Nachiar!

Per Varaha PerumaL’s wish, Villi the hunter built a new town, which came to be known as Srivilliputhur (puthur = new town)

Swans that are called Hamsa Pakshis in Tamizh, are seldom found in Tamizh Nadu. They live in snow capped mountains of Himalayas. The Kings of those days used to bring these swans to keep in their palaces. The Swans have the ability to separate milk from water. If they are fed milk that has been diluted with water they would just drink the milk and leave the water out. Similarly the Kings are supposed to discard all malice and protect the people’s interest.

Just like the swans, Andaal feels that She too was brought down to earth from the milky ocean also called Srivaikuntam. She too like the swans sees only the good in people and discards the bad.

Srivilliputhur is blessed with a lot of these swans…In Rama Avatar since Rama had traveled long distances by foot in search of Sita after Her abduction by Ravana, Andaal thinks that in Krishna Avatar He is taking a well deserved rest as Vatapathra Sayee, waiting for Her. Oh! How She wishes that She can worship His feet.

A certain freshwater fish, called Kayal, do not eat other fish. Instead they consume insects and moss that cause damage and destruction to crops. These kayals are constantly busy jumping and playing in the water.

Kodhai Nachiar akins Her eyes to the Kayal fish, which are constantly moving searching for Krishna.

Though She is the divine consort of Mahavishnu, since She has taken a human form, Andaal has similar feelings like a woman and dearly misses, yearns and longs for Her Krishna. She is forlorn with separation anxiety.

However Krishna who resides in Srivilliputhur, allows people to become seasoned in their thinking, by making them realize that they should be detached from worldly happenings, and be focused on attaining Him, and thereby attaining liberation and salvation.

Since Kodhai was emaciated and did not even have the strength to speak, She sends her well trained Green Parrot to Krishna as Her messenger. Her parrot would repeat the exact same words to Krishna that She wants to be conveyed. She used to feed “Paal Paayasam” (rice cooked in milk and sugar) to the parrot…She fed the parrot her own emotions.

However the cuckoo bird that lives in the garden, eats whatever it wants, and sings whatevwr it wants, unlike the trained parrot. She explains her each and every emotion to the cuckoo bird so it can accurately convey the message to Krishna. But now that She is extremely weak, She is unable to train the cuckoo. She ccontemplates on introducing the parrot to the cuckoo so it can teach and train the cuckoo.

Kodhai is always attracted to the Vamana-Thrivikrama avatar. This is because The Lord measures all worlds equally, the upper world, the nether world and the universe. He did not wait for anyone to change, He accepted people as they were. Kodhai had also trained her parrot to say the name of Thrivikrama.

She introduces the parrot to the cuckoo so the cuckoo can learn to call out to The Lord saying the right things…She wants the cuckoo to convey to Her Lord to come rescue her from misery, so She could be united with Him and worship His feet…

Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam …_/\_…

Om Namo Narayanaya!!

English translation contributed by Jayashree Srinivasan


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