Nachiaar Thirumozhi – 45 (In English)


Nachiaar Thirumozhi – 45   Pasuram – 548

Decad – 5  Song – 4


enbu =  bones

ina vEl neDum kaNgal = beautiful spear shaped eyes, exclusive to the female species

pukku =  enter

pon purai mEni = a person whose skin is a dazzling golden color

A garden filled with many flowering shrubs and plants produce different variety of flowers that open up and spread their fragrance in the air.  The shrubs and flowers are drenched in the dew. The buzzing bees and ladybugs pollinate the flowers and enrich the forests and gardens.  The cuckoo birds are happy with their mates in the tree cavities.

However, Kodhai Nachiaar does not enjoy all this prolific beauty surrounding Her, instead She longs for Her lover Krishna and is saddened and worn out due to His absence.

Kodhai is forlorn and lovesick, unable to tolerate Krishna’s absence. She is not able to eat or sleep and thinks of Kannan constantly.  Without food and sleep, The fair maiden loses her complexion and healthy appearance and starts to look dark and  emaciated.

Usually, when proper medications are taken most diseases are cured, however the only treatment for a lovesick person is the proximity of their lover.  Lovers who are in true deep  love, that are separated from each other feel the immense pain of this disease.

Missing Lord Krishna immensely, Andaal does not eat or sleep for several days and feels very weak.  Her eyes dry up, Her beautiful golden complexion is now reduced to a dark and a unhealthy tone.


Kodhai thinks that the cuckoo bird can understand Her forlorn misery, since the dark bird calls out for its mate, like She does to Her Narayana.

“PiNikku marundhu Piraman  Aniyizhai thannoikuth thaane marundhu” says Thiruvalluvar meaning the remedy for a disease is always something different from it, but for a lady that is lovesick, she is her own cure.

In the holy text of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, if a person is able to be detached with the worldly things and focus their attention solely on Krishna the Paramatma, then they are absolved from the vicious cycle of birth, death and rebirth and is granted salvation.

Andaal states that both Her disease and Her cure is Sri Krishna.  In Sri Vaikuntam, the Thiruparkadal (milky ocean) She was in a happy state since She was with Her husband, Lord Krishna…but now that She has incarnated on earth, separated from Her sweetheart, She pray to The Lord that He should come to Her rescue, to save Her from Her miseries.

She reminds Him that in birds, that He (Krishna) is Garuda, just like He is Lord Rama in archers…

In Paramapadam,the selfless Nityasuris perform relentless service to The Lord and the second best among them is Garuda. In the Koorma avatar when the milky ocean was churned, the great Mandhara mountain was used to churn the ocean.  Per Mahavishnu’s order, Garuda bore the mountain on his back and placed it on the milky ocean to serve as the whisk. Garuda is fearless, Garuda took the sweet nectar from the milky ocean to relieve his mother from slavery and bondage.  Even Indra the god of the Devas was unable to stop Garuda. He flapped his wings so fast that Indra swooned and fell to the ground.  Recognizing his valor and courage Lord Sriman Narayana gave him the honor of being the emblem of His flag.  That is why it was considered auspicious to see Garuda, and sighting Garuda was considered as a cure for diseases and also to regain and retrieve lost articles.

Garuda understands the urgency of The Lord to save His devotees from miseries and evil doers…he is ever ready to serve as the vehicle for Mahavishnu to swiftly reach the devotees. The pure hearted  Lord honors the selfless Garuda by giving a special place in His flag (on His chariot).

The lord does not have birth or death, He does not experience misery or sadness, He is not measurable and He is limitless…

Kodhai Nachiaar prays that Her Krishna should arrive swiftly on His vehicle Garuda to come and take Her with Him. She hopes that She would once again regain Her golden complexion and be Her vibrant self.

She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Her cure, Her lover lord Krishna.  She requests the cuckoo bird to call out to The Lord to come on His vehicle Shri Garudazhvar.  She hopes that He would come fast to relieve Her of Her misery, that was caused by the separation from The Lord.

Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam …_/\_…

Om Namo Narayanaya!!

English translation contributed by Jayashree Srinivasan.


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