Nachiaar Thirumozhi Part – 44 (In English)


Nachiaar Thirumozhi – 44  Pasuram – 547

Decad – 5  Song – 3


Mathali – Indra’s Charioteer

kOl –  the whip that is used to guide horses that pull the chariots

saramAri – shower of arrows

pOdhu – flower bud

alar – blossoms

kA – garden

nAra – fragrance wafting through the air

kAmaram –  Raga

In Ramayana During the Yuddha Kand, the Devas assembled to watch the battle between Lord Rama and Ravana.  While Ravana fights from his magnificent  chariot, Lord Rama fights standing on the ground.  Devendran (Indra; the leader of Devas) decided to send his charioteer Matali along with his chariot to Lord Rama.  Indra’s chariot had pedigree horses pulling the chariot, the chariot itself was made of Gold, with beautiful artwork and precious gems embedded into it. It had thousands of bells, it shone like the sun and on the tip was a silver flag.  The chariot of Indra’s was majestic so exquisitely beautiful.

Lord Rama mounted the chariot and was ready to go to the war front for the sake of world peace, to protect His satvik devotees, Devas, and sages, to vanquish the evil and to establish Dharma.

Most often Indra fought battles due to his ego.  During these times, he has made judgement errors and evidently was defeated many a times.  Matali to escape from such embarrassing situations, would run the chariot in reverse, retreating from the scene.

However, this time, it is Lord Rama that is fighting the battle.  He does not indulge in frivolous wars, battles, duels and fights. He would declare war only as the last resort, after giving diplomacy a try, when He has lost His friends, when His devotees pray to Him to intervene and save them from evil doers.

Matali’s chariot never retreated the battlefield this time, since Lord Rama fought a straightforward war so valiantly.

The deceitful Ravana plotted an evil plan and abducted Sita (Bhudevi’s manifestation, just like Andal)  in the guise of a pious sage.  Angered by his heinous act, Lord Rama during the duel showers him with arrows.  He shot all his ten heads over and over again and killed Ravana, by destroying the main head.

The different stages of a flower are :


First and foremost – a tight bud

Drenched in dew –  a bud swell

Soaked Dewy pearls  – early tip

Ready to burst – bud break

Opened up -early bloom

Fragrance filling the air – full bloom

Complete Blosomming – flower

When ready for pollination – petal bloom

Bunch of flowers – clusters

When they start to die – wilt

Fallen flowers – petal fall

When they die – Withered

When buds start to blossom the first fragrance of the flower is intoxicating.  Attracted by the scent of the flowers lady bugs start to visit the flowers.

Red and black or yellow and black lady bugs are a boon to the garden.  They eat the bugs that destroy plants and flowers. The buzzing sound of the busy lady bugs is akin to auspicious sounds…so thinks Andaal, since the lady bugs eliminate the garden destroying bugs.

Though Kodhai is in such a beautiful garden, due to her separation from Krishna, She is melancholic and unable to appreciate its beauty, however the cuckoo bird seems to care less about Her plight, and is enjoying his time with his mate, Andaal seems to be jealous of the cuckoo bird.

Just like how Sita (separated from lord Rama) was in a sad, pensive state of mind in the Ashoka gardens in Sri Lanka, similarly Andaal is longing and yearning for Krishna and is saddened by the fact that He is not coming to get Her. Whereas Rama fought a battle to rescue Sita from the evil Ravana.

Lord Rama is personification of integrity.  He always goes in the path of righteousness.  He would always follow the rules of Dharma sashtras. Whereas Lord Krishna is a gem of a God.

The Ruby is a very strong beautiful gem.  Similarly lord Krishna removes obstacles of His devotees with strength, courage and valor.  He will justify His actions to protect His devotees. He creates His own rules for the game He plays.

Not withstanding the separation from Krishna, Kodhai Nachiaar requests the cuckoo bird to call out to Her Gem, Her Ruby, Her Husband, her Lover Sri Krishna…

Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam …_/\_…

Om Namo Narayanaya!!

English translation contributed by Jayashree Srinivasan.


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