Nachiaar Thirumozhi Part – 43 (In English)



Nachiaar Thiromozhi – 43.  Pasuram – 546

Decad – 5  Song – 2





viLisangu  =  blowing conch

iDankai = left hand

vimalan =  glorious person with pure heart

urukkATTAn = one who doesn’t show His form

naivittu = causing pain

uyir peidu = regaining life (consciousness)

koothATTu kANum = watching the drama unfold

kaL avizh = brimming with nectar

kOdi =  stroking gently with affection

mizhatri = the sweet baby talk call of the cuckoo bird


The color white signifies purity…it is auspicious, brings positive energy, blowing the white conch to drive away the negativity and negative energy is a traditional practice…

It is believed that a thousand oyster shells are equal to one left spiraled conch, a thousand left spiraled conches are equal to one right spiraled conch, a thousand right spiraled conches are equal to one special shell called Salanchalam.  A thousand Salanchalams are equal to the snowy white conch –  Paanchajanyam .  Bhagavaan Krishna holds this unique and special Paanchajanyam  (the conch that He blows during the kurukshetra war) in His left hand.

Just like how Bhagavan Krishna used the Panchajanyam to foreshadow the defeat of the enemies during the war, Andaal equals the cuckoo bird’s call as Her own calling out to Krishna to let Him know Her urgent need and desire for Him and to unite with Him.

He enters her heart and mind, but He seems to ignore Her and watch in delight Her plight.

When She decides to not get involved with Him, He once again occupies Her heart and taunts Her. She feels that She is dying in His absence and when She thinks of Him she regains her life back.  This seems to be His playful pastime, watching Her longing for Him with glee and delight.

Krishna’s every action is towards the welfare of His devotees.  He is pure hearted with no flaws whatsoever. He is selfless and always thinks about His devotees and uses His conch the Panchajanyam to call out to His devotees.

So however much She is in misery not able to see Him or unite with Him or embrace Him, She knows that He is the personification of purity, Her beloved, Her husband, a selfless and pure hearted supreme being.

In general, it is hard to find people that would be compassionate towards people that are suffering…but Bhagavan Krishna removes obstacles, miseries and difficulties of this world…it is not easy to see Him…one has to seek His attention by doing good things…She seeks the cuckoo bird to convey Her love for Him.

While She is lamenting not able to see Him, the cuckoo bird is enjoying the nectar of the Shenbagam flowers and singing with glee. Having drunk the nectar of the sweet flowers the cuckoo bird is intoxicated and imagines its mate is next to it and starts to speak, call out and philander with the imaginary female cuckoo.

It is a great sin to just think of one’s own comfort…

Venkatam is a PuNya Sthalam that vanquishes sins. To eliminate His devotees’ sins, He is separated from Sri Mahalakshmi and stands in Thiru Venkatam.  His separation from Her is leaving her with a lot of misery and anxiety, She wants the cuckoo to rid of its sins by letting The Lord know of Her devotion, Her love, Her longing for Him, and unite with Him.

To rid the human race of all their sins and miseries, She separated from Madhavan and incarnated on earth, however wants to re-unite with Venkatavan.

Andaal wants Her Venkatavan who has travelled from Srivaikuntam to the Seven Hills to walk a few more miles to see Her and be united with Her. She pleads with the cuckoo bird to be Her messenger to tell her plight to The Lord.

Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam …_/\_…

Om Namo Narayanaya!!

English translation contributed by Jayashree Srinivasan.





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  1. Sir, Thank you very for your blog on Divya Prabandham – Nachiar Thirumozhi. The pasurams and the meaning in english version are extremely good. How about the other prabandham by various Alwars? I am very eager for Thiruvoi Mozhi and Thirumalai. Kindly post the other pasurams in your Blog. Please keep continue your writings. Thank you.


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