Naachiaar Thirumozhi Part – 42 (In English)











Nachiaar Thirumozhi – 42 Pasuram 545

Decad – 5. Song – 1


mannu perum pugazh mAdhavan mA maNi

vaNNan maNi muDi maindan

tannai ugandadu kAraNam Aga en

sangu izhakkum vazhakai uNdE

punnai kurukkatti nAzhal Serundip

podumbinil vAzhum kuyilE!

panni eppOdum irundu viraindu en

pavaLa vAyan varak kUvAi


mannu – undiminished, sustainable

maindhan – strong man,  valiant person

ugandadu – optimal

sangu – bangles

podumbu – garden

pannudhal – singing


Not withstanding the separation from Krishna, Kodhai Nachiaar longs and yearns for Him and to unite  with Him.  She tries to predict and forecast Her future with The Lord using the prophecy of kUdal. When She hears the cuckoo bird, She gets yet another idea.

Though She pleads with Krishna, He doesn’t come to Her. His separation causes Her to lose a lot of weight.  She is so emaciated that Her bangles are very loose and fall off from her arms. She does not even have the strength to look at predictions and prophecies. She is unable to even call out His name.

The male cuckoo bird calls out to its mate, longing for the female’s company.  To attract its companion the male cuckoo woos the female using very many techniques. (The male birds build nests, bring food to the females, dances posing with its colorful plumage, sings and calls out to attract a female)

Whereas She being the female species is longing and yearning for His love, attention and affection. However, She is proud of this fact, as She knows He is no ordinary man. She wonders if She should recruit the male cuckoo to call out to The Lord.

She plans to ask the male cuckoo to represent Her in calling out to The Lord.  These 10 cuckoo songs are based on Her longing for Him.

The supreme being is called Madhava because He holds Her (Andaal is the manifestation of Lakshmi, who resides on The Lord’s heart) He does not change His nature, hence He has undiminished fame.

Krishna proved His honesty and straightforwardness, with the Shyamanthaka gem, that has the same blue color as Him.

He is the only supreme being that is capable of being the king of this world. She is proud of the fact that She is in love with The Lord with such exalted character 

She wonders how it is possible forThe Lord with such beneficent qualities, to give her heartache and misery by not appearing in front of Her. 

There is an evergreen Laurel tree called Punnai in Tamil. The leaves of this tree are a very dark green.  The flowers on this tree are white with yellow stamens in the middle.

There is a long shiny grass called serundhi that grows tall and flowers resembling a sword.

Then there is a woody climber / creeper called  kurukkathi, whose flowers are also called Madhavi or jasmine.

Yet another plant Gnyazhal has flowers that resembles the tiger’s claw. This flower has red stamens.

In those days, women used all these flowers to make a garland for their beloved ones.  These flowers grow in sandy and loamy soils.  They propagate on their own on silty soil.

Kodhai sees Her beloved Krishna’s color in the dark green of these leaves, She imagines that She is seeing His lips on seeing the flowers with the red stamens, she fantasizes the cuckoos songs as Krishna playing the flute.

The cuckoo bird is a solitary bird.  It even lays its eggs in the crows’ nests. They always hide in the thick foliage of the aforementioned trees, shrubs and plants.

She thinks that the cuckoo bird knows Her longing for Kannan and her eager anticipation for his arrival.  She thinks that the cuckoo can understand her fervor and yearning for The Lord on seeing her building sand castles, drawing kUdal in the sand and collecting flowers (just for Him)

She requests the cuckoo bird to call to The Lord, her lover, the one with bright red lips on her behalf, to attract His attention, to let Him know Her condition, Her Love, Her devotion, Her yearning and Her longing to unite with Him. 


Andaal Thiruvadigalae Sharanam …_/\_…

Om Namo Narayanaya!!

English translation contributed by Jayashree Srinivasan.

















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